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Authentic Venetian Chandelier​

3D Printed PLA, LED's

Authentic Venetian Chandelier is a 3D printed knock-off of an ornate Venetian chandelier that Dickson discretely 3D scanned while in the Murano Glass Museum in Italy.  A meditation on the perceived value of museum collections, it takes on the absurd notion that through technological piracy, one can own priceless objects.


Dickson uses 3D scanning to record an imperfect copy of the original chandelier, where the distortion caused by the transparency and reflectiveness of the glass was unavoidable in the digital translation. Reproduced at full scale, the decimated replica is a highly crafted object in its own right, constructed from 250 unique parts, taking over 1000 hours to 3D print.


Just as local touts flog imitation designer bags, jewellery and watches on the streets of Venice, Dickson has created her own cheap fake. She further challenges studio glass traditions and craft conventions by creating a glass artwork that is not made of glass, but of cheap plastic and flickering LED light.

Supported by:

Arts Council England

National Museums Scotland

National Centre of Craft and Design






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