Authentic Venetian Chandelier


3D Printed PLA, LED's


Authentic Venetian Chandelier explores the notion of the digital copy, playing on a common misconception that 3D scanning and printing is easy and cheap. In reality, the knowledge and proficiency exercised in the realisation of digital craft is as high and rare as traditional skills such as glassblowing.


Following a visit to the Murano Glass Museum in Italy, Dickson was inspired to make her own Venetian glass chandelier after being told she could not photograph the collection. Due to a misunderstanding with museum staff, she was allowed to take a crude scan on an iPad, and has reproduced a full size counterfeit using a 3D printer.


A meditation on the perceived value of glass, it takes on the absurd notion that through piracy, one can own priceless objects.

Supported by:

Arts Council England

National Museums Scotland

National Centre of Craft and Design






© 2018 Erin Dickson

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