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Glass, Performance

Coronet was commissioned by the National Glass Centre for it's 21st birthday, focusing on the cultural impact of glass in Sunderland, particularly in relation to Jobling Ware and Pyrex. It has been almost 100 years since J.A Joblings began producing glass in Sunderland, and their patterned, white glass plates, cups and bowls became a staple in many households across the British Empire before the factory closed in 2007.

An extension of the work Windsorware™, Coronet revives the aesthetics of Jobling Ware by partnering it with another local underdog, Sunderland AFC, recreating a contemporary speculative interpretation of the Jobling Ware collection in the form of a white pint-goblet ‘fit for the devoted fan’.

The NGC21 residency culminated in a one-off event coinciding with SAFC’s league final at Wembley, which brought art out of the gallery and into the daily lives of Sunderland residents. Collaborating with a local public house The Colliery Tavern on match day, the usual pint glasses were replaced by the new Jobling Ware. Through this occasion Coronet was shared with the community, and not kept purely as the preserve of the museum.

Photography: Michael McGuire

Supported by:

National Glass Centre, Sunderland



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